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Trip Overview

If conquering the world’s highest peaks is the dream of many ordinary people, then setting foot on Kailash is the dream of extraordinary people. If you are one of those extraordinary people, then we invite you to join our 15-day Mount Kailash Tour, which will take you to the spiritual realm of Mount Kailash—revered by millions of followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and the ancient Bon religion.

Mount Kailash is a Himalayan Mountain range that culminates at an altitude of 6638 meters. It is located in the prefecture of Ngari, in Tibet, near the Mansarovar and Rakshastal lakes.

According to the legend, Shiva, the God of destruction and restoration,  and his consort Shakti Parvati live on the mythological peak. Numerous deities are still believed to have visited Kailash to offer their respect to God. The Vishnu Purana describes Kailash’s four sides as the four faces of Lord Shiva himself made from gold, silver, crystal, and gems.

This explains its sacred character for Hindus, who believe the sight of the mountain frees one from all sins and protects against evil spirits.

Our Mount Kailash tour will, therefore, take you on a 15-day journey to the center of the world. This site has been a site for religious pilgrimage for centuries and is extremely difficult to reach. Believers have to walk a 53-km circuitous route to reach the supreme holy place. The path for Hindus and Buddhists is clockwise, and for those who believe in the god Bon, it is in the opposite direction. This ritual is called Kora (the circumambulation of the holy mountain).

The faithful believe whoever circumambulates Kailash once will be freed from all the sins of his current life. Whoever completes the pilgrimage thirteen times will be enlightened in his next life, while whoever circumambulates the mountain 108 times will immediately become enlightened.

Pilgrims at Mount Kailash do not miss taking a dip in the Mansarovar Lake located here, also called the Lake of Enlightenment and Self-Rerealization. At 4,560 m above sea level, it is regarded as one of the highest freshwater lakes on Earth. According to legend, those who drink or bathe in this lake will wash away their impurities and prevent the rebirth in the lower realms. Performing a sacred Pooja on its shore in the name of deceased ancestors is believed to grant their souls Moksha (Eternal Liberation).

However, for those for whom the spiritual side matters a little, our Mount Kailash tour can still be an incredibly fulfilling experience. This travel experience allows them to witness the breathtaking beauty of nature in one of the world’s most captivating settings.

This unique journey awaits travelers with an astounding spectacle of the majestic Himalayan chain, serene lakes, vast Tibetan plateaus, and rare wildlife.

So why wait for next year? Come and join us now! Together, we will travel to the most mythical and mysterious place on the planet. Trust us, for we have been regularly organizing Mount Kailash Tours every year for a life-changing experience and an opportunity to see some of the wonders of the planet.

How does our journey begin?

Our spiritual reawakening journey of the Mount Kailash Tour begins after you arrive in Kathmandu. We will stay in the capital for a few days to complete the Visa formalities. During our short stay in Kathmandu, we will explore the famous Hindu and Buddhist monuments that will help us tune in to our trip to Tibet.

After obtaining the Visas and permits, we will drive along the high-quality concrete roads to Kerung. From here, we will travel through the wildest Tibetan landscapes of the Himalayas, passing through Saga, Lake Mansarovar, and Darchen.

From Darchen, our Kailash Parikrama commences for three days when we traverse the Dirapuk and Zutulpuk monasteries via Drolma La Pass. Culminating our Kora in Darchen, we drive by Kerung once again to reach Kathmandu.


  • Short stay in Kathmandu for acquaintance with the Asian atmosphere
  • Temple tours of the Kathmandu Valley, including  Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Budhanilkantha, Sanga Mahadev, Doleswor
  • A scenic drive through the majestic Nepali and Tibetan landscapes with glimpses of breathtaking Himalayan chains, plateaus, lakes, rivers, caves, and ancient Gumpas
  • Spiritual transformation through the bath with the holy waters of Lake Mansarovar
  • Opportunity to pray for the eternal liberation of your ancestors’ souls
  • Perform the outer Kora around the northern face of Mount Kailash
  • Option of using yaks, horses, and porters from Tarboche or Yamadwar for the Parikrama
  • Exciting crossing of the prominent Drolma La Pass
  • High-altitude trek experience in the remote settings of Tibet
  • Achievement certificate of Kailash tour.

Best Season

Tibet opens its borders for Mount Kailash tours for six months a year, from May to early October. There is a lot of sunshine and blue skies, and precipitation is rare at this time. The daytime temperature is in the pleasant range of 15-20 degrees Celsius, but the nights are already cooler, and the air can cool down to around 5-10 degrees Celsius.

These months also hold spiritual significance for Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims. The yearly Saga Dawa festival of Tibetans falls on the full moon day of April and May, bestowing the unique opportunity to witness their colorful festival.

On the other hand, Purnima (full moon) of Jesth (May and June), Srawan Janai Purnima (July and August),  and Bhadra (August and September) have greater importance for Hindus who tend to undertake the Kailash Parikrama in these auspicious dates to get rid of sins of past 100 lives.

From late October, the weather in Tibet gradually turns severe, with the temperature dropping to approximately 5 degrees Celsius. The wind speed can exceed 20 m/s, leading to the closing of the guesthouses and tents around the Kailash region. The accommodations will reopen in April to welcome travelers to Mount Kailash.

The winter months of December, January, and February bring heavy snowfalls and chilling temperatures. Lake Mansarovar will remain frozen throughout these months.

In Nepal, we can expect much warmer weather and lots of sunshine, with temperatures around 25-30 degrees Celsius during the day. However, heavy showers can occur at any time in the afternoon in the months from June to August.



The Mount Kailash tour is not an easy one. While it offers an exhilarating experience, it also presents numerous challenges. For example, the long journey in off-road vehicles can be particularly demanding, sometimes bumping along unpaved roads. In addition, you have to tackle the long 7 to 9-hour walk along the glacial terrain of Kailash to cross the Drolma La Pass on the second day of Parikrama.

The accommodations will be of an extremely simple standard, with limited toilet facilities. During the meals, we have to satisfy ourselves with the rather simple taste world of Tibetan cuisine. Due to the high altitude above sea level, we must be prepared for the milder, sometimes stronger, symptoms of altitude sickness.

Therefore, the Mount Kailash Tour requires good condition and hiking experience, as well as a positive mental attitude and perseverance. You must prepare for a different mentality than at home, which requires flexibility, in this case, much more than usual.

Of course, our team of local guides is well-known for the area and the challenges it may pose, as they have already conducted this tour several times. They will see to your convenience as much as possible and provide suitable amenities for an effortless journey.


Preparation and Training

Adaptability, team spirit, physical and mental preparation, and training are essential for a flawless adventure to Mount Kailash. We suggest all our group members engage in simple high-altitude trekking adventures in their home country so they are well-prepared for the tour.

However, before practicing the high-altitude trek, we advise you to start with the simple regime of jogging, cycling, running, swimming, and climbing stairs at least 4 to 6 weeks before your tour. So, your muscle strength, endurance, and stamina can strengthen and prepare you for long hikes.

We also advise you to integrate meditation or practicing Yoga postures to develop a positive mindset. This will help you effectively overcome any unexpected obstacles that may arise during the Kailash Kora.

Altitude Sickness

During the Mount Kailash tour, you will be above 4,500 meters most of the time, and due to the high altitude above sea level, breathing may be more difficult.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to an oxygen-deficient environment, but at this altitude, the unpleasant symptoms of altitude sickness can already appear: dull headache, insomnia, nausea, and loss of appetite. You have to be prepared for this.

If your symptoms worsen, you must consult our guide, who may stop the tour immediately and descend you to a lower altitude.

Generally, Diamox, Ibuprofen, and the Tibetan medicinal herb of Hongjingtian can reduce these symptoms within a few hours. Drinking lots of water, adequate rest, and sleep are suitable protective measures against altitude sickness.

Please follow the rules of acclimatization properly, as suggested by our guide.

Visa Preparation

International travelers for the Mount Kailash tour need several permits for entry into Tibet. They can only enter Tibet through the organization of certified travel agencies like us via organized trips. Please remember there are no exceptions to this rule, and don’t believe in stories that regularly pop up on the internet that someone somehow managed to get to Mount Kailash alone.

It can take up to four weeks to obtain travel permits for Mount Kailash, so please contact us at least eight weeks before your planned departure to ensure that the necessary travel documents arrive in time.

For the Mount Kailash tour, we need a Chinese Group Visa, a Tibet Travel Permit or Tibet Visa, a Foreign Affairs permit, Aline’s travel permit, and a Military Permit.

Our team will obtain all these Visas and permits in your interest. The service fee is already included in our program.

For the Chinese Group Visa and Tibet Travel permit, you need to be in person at the Chinese Embassy for biometric registration. We need your original passport and photo to present at the Embassy.

The Foreign Affairs permit issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet and the Military Permit issued by the Chinese Military require the presentation of your Chinese group Visa, a Tibet Travel permit, and your passport. The processing can take 10 to 15 days, so preparation will be done after receiving your Chinese group visa and Tibet Travel permit.

The Aline’s Travel Permit is the on-site permit issued by the Tibetan Local Public Security Bureau office after you present your documents.

Indian nationals traveling from Nepal to Mount Kailash will also go through the same procedure as the other nationalities. However, any Indian citizens traveling via Indian Government agencies to Tibet will be authorized to enter Tibet by the Tibet Foreign Office, the Tibet Military, the Tibet Border Guard Corps of the Armed Police, and the Public Security Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Alternate Route

There are two other options available for you to approach Mount Kailash via Nepal. One is the Kailash overland tour via Lhasa, and the second alternate is the Helicopter tour via Simikot.

The overland tour of Kailash via Lhasa will take you to Mount Kailash within two weeks. You will first take a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu and drive through the high-quality concrete road in Tibet to reach Darchen. This option gives you plenty of time to acclimate to Tibet’s high altitude before undertaking the Kailash Kora. You will also get to explore Tibet’s capital, Lhasa, for one or two days.

The second option is a rather shorter route but quite expensive. You will board a domestic flight to Nepalgunj airport from Kathmandu, from where you will be picked up by a helicopter that will fly you to Simikot and Hilsa. The road from Hilsa joins Darchen.

Food and accommodation

When you join our Mount Kailash tour, you will leave all your logistical worries to us. As part of our all-inclusive package, we will arrange your accommodations and meals in Nepal and Tibet.

In Kathmandu, you will stay in a cozy three-star hotel with twin-sharing accommodations. For an extra price, you can enhance your accommodation setting to four—or five-star accommodation with a single room.

As your trip begins, we will accommodate you in a high-quality lodge in Timure. After you cross the Kerung border, our Tibetan partners will receive you and lodge you in the most comfortable hotels available.

However, after Saga, accommodations will be extremely simple. During the Parikrama, you will stay in a dormitory-style guesthouse provided by the monasteries of Dirapuk and Zutulpuk. You may have to share a room with five or sometimes ten fellow Yatris.

In the busy Kailash Kora season, these accommodations may not be available at all. In such a case, our team will set up cozy tents and prepare delicious vegetarian meals for you.

We offer vegetarian meals during the entire Mount Kailash tour. In Kathmandu, you can taste Indian, Nepali, Chinese, Italian, and other international vegetarian cuisines.

In Tibet, up to Saga, you can taste authentic Tibetan dishes along with other international dishes. After Saga, meals are limited to basic Tibetan dishes such as instant noodles, fried rice with vegetables, potatoes, and Chinese-style fried vegetable dishes.


We offer convenient arrival and departure transfers to and from the TIA. During the road trip, you will travel in a comfortable private bus through Nepal and Tibet. During the Kathmandu tour, we will provide you with private transportation, a tour guide, and a driver.

At an additional cost, we can also arrange a helicopter ride for you from Timure to Kathmandu.

Age Restriction

Due to the harsh weather and challenges in Tibet, the Chinese government has restricted the age of Yatris for the Mount Kailash tour. All international travelers interested in the Kailash tour must be below 75 years of age, and Indian travelers engaging in the Kailash tour from India must be between 18 and 70 years old.


What is the cost of hiring a horse or helper during the Kailash kora?

When in Darchen, our guide will hire a horse, yak, or helper for you. It may cost you from 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan per person, but it may vary depending on the weight of your luggage as well. The cost is not included in our service.

Are there any rules to follow in Tibet?

Yes, these are not strict rules, but as a courtesy, it is wise you seek permission before clicking photos of Tibetans. And please refrain from taking the name of Dalai Lama.

Can I see Lord Shiva in my Kailash Kora?

You can perceive the existence of Lord Shiva in every tiny fragment of Kailash. As you undertake your Parikrama or Kora around Kailash, you will feel the purification of your soul and heart. You can feel the inner transformation and the manifestation of Lord Shiva inside you

Why has China imposed different rules for Indian pilgrims?

The Chinese government has implemented regulations that apply to all international travelers. But Indians have surely imposed some stricter rules because of political concerns as China aims to control their entry, especially after COVID and border issues.

Brief Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu (1,350m). Meet our tour leader, and transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.
Day 02: Biometric day in Kathmandu in the Chinese Embassy. Stay in Kathmandu.
Day 03: Rest day, visas obtained. Overnight at a standard hotel.
Day 04: Visit Kathmandu Valley and Visa collection day Overnight at a standard hotel.
Day 05: Drive from Kathmandu Border Timmure (3560m) 135km, 6 to 7 hours drive. Overnight at a hotel.
Day 6: Timmure to Kerung for acclimatization day at Kerung.
Day 07: Drive to Saga (230KM – 6 HOURS) 4450M. Overnight at a hotel.
Day 08: Drive from Saga to Manasarovar (4,560m), 6 to 7 hours drive. Meeting 2 groups and travel together. Overnight at guesthouse.
Day 09: Drive from Manasarovar to Darchen (4550m), 40km, an hour’s drive. Overnight at guesthouse.
Day 10: Trek from Darchen to Dirapuk (4,950m), 18km walk. Overnight at guesthouse.
Day 11: Trek from Dirapuk to Zutulpuk (4,850m), 20km walk. Overnight at guesthouse.
Day 12: Trek to Chasang From Zutulpuk drive to Darchen and drive to Saga. Overnight at hotel.
Day 13: Drive from Saga to Kerung (Tibet-Nepal border). Overnight at hotel.
Day 14: Drive from Kerung to Kathmandu, 125km ( Cross TibetNepal border and drive to Kathmandu). 6 to 7 hours drive. Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.
Day 15: Final transfer to the international airport for the flight back home.

Cost Includes

  • Tibet Group visa and travel permit fee.
  • Stay in Kathmandu for 4 Nights with Veg meal.
  • Boarder stay for one Night with Veg Meal.
  • Duffel bag and Down Jackets will be provided by
  • All transportation by bus.
  • 10 Nights’ accommodation in Tibet using guest house.
  • Service of our trekking equipment and sherpa staff.
  • Kathmandu Temple Tours.
  • Arrival and departure transfer.
  • All Trekking and camping equipment including Sleeping bags and oxygen cylinders.
  • Certificate will be provided after the completion of Kailash tour.
  • First Aid Kit

Cost Excludes

  • Yak, Porter, and Horse for personal use.
  • Using extra nights at the Hotel except as mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Rescue/ evacuation or all the extra costs because of partition from the main group or serious health condition.
  • Any International flight.
  • Extra Night accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Any extra transportation/Accommodation/visa cancelation charge (who separate from the main group and early return)

Trip in Details

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Trip Facts

Destination : Tibet, Kailash

Duration : 15 Days

Price : 2650 USD

Difficulty Level : Moderate

Group Size : Minimum 2 people - Maximum 100+

Activities : Cultural , spiritual tour and sightseeing

Transportation : Jeep, Van or Mini bus.

Accommodation : 3-4 star hotel in Kathmandu, Normal hotel during tour

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