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Mera Peak Climbing Difficulty

  • 2023-09-20
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The Khumbu region is regarded as the home of the World’s Highest Peaks. Among them, Mera Peak is regarded as a challenging trekking peak that provides you with the best experience of the trek. Mera Peak is considered a trekking peak that presents a lot of difficulty for climbers. To avoid the Mera Peak Climbing difficulty you must have some mountaineering skills and accept the unpredictable conditions of weather. As Mera Peak is situated in a remote part of Nepal the climbers must have medical access and be prepared for emergencies. In this blog, I’ll describe the difficulty level of Mera Peak climbing, its Major highlights, the best time to climb the weather conditions, the needed clothing and equipment, the Accommodations, and the required permits that you need during the journey. Join us as we can provide you with the remarkable experiences of Mera Peak Climbing.

mera peak

1) How difficult is the Mera Peak climb?

Mera Peak is recognized as one of the” highest trekking peaks.” of Nepal. It doesn’t require  any mountaineering skills but here are the challenges you need to know before climbing Mera Peak:

  • Physical challenges: Climbers need to be fit and have a good physique.He/she must have a healthy leg as leg strength is required for the long trek and the challenging ascent.
  • Altitude: The high altitude itself is challenging. Acclimatization day is necessary to avoid the risk of altitude sickness at a higher height.
  • Technical Skills: The climbers must have a basic understanding of mountaineering Techniques like using ice axes, rope work, and crampons are necessary while climbing a peak.

 2) Major Highlights of Mera Peak Climb:

The main highlights of Mera Peak are given below:

  • Majestic views: The summit welcomes the climbers with a mindblowing 360-degree view of the highest peaks of the world like Mount Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu.
  • Cultural Involvement: The trek leads you through the attractive Sherpa villages, offering you greetings from the sherpas and involve yourself in their culture and tradition.

mera peak
3) Best Time to climb Mera Peak:

For the best climbing experience, you can plan your trek during Nepal’s post-monsoon.

  • October to November: During this time you can expect clear skies as there will be a low chance of rain and moderate temperatures which will make your journey best.

4) Weather conditions:

The Weather on Mera Peak is quite unpredictable and challenging, so preparation is essential while climbing the mera peak:

  • Winter(December to February): During this period you will face cold temperatures and the chance of heavy snowfalls will make it difficult to climb the peak during this season.
  • Spring (March to May): During this season the temperature will warm up comparatively to the winter season but the snow conditions can be unstable there will be the chances of avalanches.
  • Monsoon(June to September): Heavy rainfall can be seen during this time and there is a high chance of landslides climbing is impossible during this season.

5) Clothing and Equipment:

The right gear is necessary for the successful climb of Mera Peak:

  • Clothing: You must carry layering clothes. carry warm down jackets, a pair of waterproof jackets and trousers along with it Don’t forget to carry waterproof boots as well, and guarantee trekking pants.
  • Equipment: Mountaineering gears like crampons, ice axes, ropes, and other required essentials for climbing are required. You can rent this equipment in the Thamel area in Kathmandu, and carry a suitable backpack and sleeping bag that is essential for you.

6) Accommodations:

During the whole trek, you’ll see a variation of teahouse and camping. Tea houses offer basic lodging, breakfast, and dinner while camping provides comfort and flexibility at higher altitudes.

7) Permits required for Mera Peak climbing:

The following permits are required :

  • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Permit
  • Mera Peak climbing Permit


Mera Peak is a thrilling adventure that will lead you to face other climbing challenges as well. The journey and the summit climbing were beyond my expectations. Sherpas in Nepal are friendly compared to other religions which will make your journey more enjoyable. Their culture, tradition, and lifestyle are simple they grow crops and raise a yak and they enjoy there at Himalayas.