What makes travelling with Leaf Holidays so meaningful??


As traveling sometimes is a hard decision to make, a real pragmatic Holiday Experience – is always at the heart of all our adventures. It’s not the Everest, the world’s highest mountain that you conquer but discovering yourself is what matters really; from a trek to Base Camp in Nepal, we aim to capture the spirit of this experience on our adventure journeys along with the magical aura of the Annapurna Himalayas or freaking out through the streets of amazing Kathmandu or enjoying among the local folks in some remote outpost below towering mountains. We are focused on personal achievement, companionship and discovery during our wilderness journeys. You are tested with your patience; your emotions are inspired and flirt with all your senses.


At Leaf Holidays, by using our thorough experience gathered over the years we plan and organize tours and treks that are truly aligned to your interests and needs. IT’S ABOUT LEARNING…IT’S ABOUT EXPERIENCING…THERE’S FUN…IT’S ABOUT PATIENCE…& IT’S ALSO ABOUT KNOWING YOURSELF &…SELF DISCOVERY…amidst some of the most astonishing Eco-beauty on earth…


This land is our land…this land is your land…LOVE IT!!!


During the venture, we are extremely dedicated to protecting the natural environment and ensure you that the area is left clean when we vacant the area. . We are always mentally aware about the risks involved as we ensure our guides and porters are well equipped and geared up for you to enjoy flawless services. We strictly follow rules and regulations of the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net)


We avoid camp fires when on the trail as we suggest trekkers to buy wood-fueled hot showers in lodges. Our main strategy behind all our ventures is we always make sure we give ‘something back’ to the community. Currently, we have initiated a project called: ‘Practical Tourism’’ – ‘Keep the Mountains Clean – Give back to the Community’’. The concept behind our Practical Tourism Program is based on the culture of ‘Travel with a purpose’. Make a difference to a community in need… Start from within. Your trips with us can make some differences…


Our vision is always to provide our guests with extraordinary holiday experiences. We started off in 2006; our approach to travel remains the same as we are passionate and dedicated like the way we were. Just plan your vacations with us and embark on the journeys of a lifetime.


We invite all our clients, whether one of our past traveler’s or totally new to us, to look through the array of small group journeys and itineraries featured on our highly informative website.
View our happening itineraries: You can be curious about some unique specimen of flowers, some green hillocks, a particular ridge, off-track roads, an unknown village, you can be sure it’s there, just the way you read about it in our itineraries.


Leaf Holidays warmly welcomes you to Nepal. It’s an invitation to another world. Nature’s paradise redefined…something you weren’t aware of before…explore yourself within the unknown…reshape the hidden destiny of your life…a world that ensures your freedom…your paradox of expectations…feel the morning mists swirling over the mountains, over the gushing rivers and go wild on the mountain ridge lines of Lovely Nepal…after all, life is living on the edge…or nothing!!