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Reasons for Trekking, Hiking, and Expedition in the Himalayas

  • 2020-02-03
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Hiking and Trekking might not be everyone’s cup of tea. People have different passions and areas of interest. Some find relaxing by the lake, some souls are open up to the giant Himalayas while the rest may have more inclination to party all night with their friends. And some are home bugs too.

No matter what our interest lies in, Trekking is what one must experience at least once in their lifetime. It is just more than walking, it is a walk to free our soul, to rejuvenate, and to change our perspective to perceive worldly things.

In the current era, life is a fast-paced journey moving somewhere advanced yet chaotic with innovation and revolution in technologies. Almost, everyone is in a rush, to get somewhere, to make something, to advance, and that rush hardly seems to end.

Langtang Trek – (7246m).

In other words, we’ve built an automated way of life around us – one where it is easy to get lost in stupefaction. On a certain note, there are several ways to pause everything for a moment, take a short break, and zoom out from your own life.

Any idea of how to accomplish that best? The answer my friend is trekking in the Himalayas. Trust us! Give yourself a chance to cuddle with Mother Nature for as long. If you doubt with the idea of trekking and have avoided trekking away in favor of parties, get-togethers, or a staycation, you should re-contemplate the same once.

Provided that the Himalayas are so close to us, how can one miss a chance to trek in the shadows of mighty mountains? Those fortunate few, who have walked the mountains will be able to perceive and tell how affordable and unique trekking in Nepal does exist. Here are reasons why one should choose to embark on an adventure like trekking, at least once ( many more times, if possible) in your lifetime.

Reasons why one should trek?

everest base camp,leaf holidays
Everest Base Camp-5,380 m (17,600 ft).

1) To escape the pre-scheduled routines and monotonous calendar

Have you felt it yet? No matter how interesting the journey of life is, our daily life, gets monotonous at some points. The urban rush of life works on certain rules and predefined patterns that keep everyone organized and proceeded.
Although the work calendar is inevitable, it restricts us from exploring life and living it to the fullest. Of course! A seasonal break is necessary to refresh us, once in a while. On a precise note, trekking and hiking get us drastically to the set of different life zones altogether.

What can be more exciting than travel? Travel with no boundaries. After all, after a certain period, life will get back to your regular life. Hence, it is highly recommended to draw inspiration from trekking experience in the Himalayas. You walk, stay in unique places, encounter strangers, gossip and make plenty of new friends. What more you could ask for? That’s not monotonous, is it?

2) To feel the journey and its rush

Oh! Yes! It’s also about feeling the entire trip and its rush. Have you ever felt your body being excited, thrilled, threatened, and immensely joyful at the same minute? If not yet, pack your bags right now and leave for the gigantic Himalayas.

People who have undergone adventurous stuff like Bungee jumping, rafting, and sky diving have more rendezvous with the definition of adrenaline rush and its nature.

Hiking in nature is the best way to live the rush for a long period, all while experiencing the serenity around us. You should hear a few experienced trekkers who will be able to tell you the calmness they feel as they keep pushing themselves uphill into Nature’s arms.

3) To bid farewell to stress

Well, the energy and time we spend while trekking is always an investment. Once we trek it balances not only physical but also mental facets of our body, mind, and soul. It helps us stay positive and stress-free. Thus, trekking has been a great stress buster in this world.

4) To challenge our fitness level

Of course, as it is a moving type of activity from one stopover to another, the fitness level gets pumped up of everyone. We have to hustle as we are being challenged by steep uphill as well as random downhill stretches through the route. Hence, if you are embarking on a trek, get ready to be challenged by your fitness level and optimize your capacity with rising altitude and dropping mercury levels.

5) To collect memories and photographs

Trekking, traveling, hiking, and so on are the major sources of collecting memories. In a certain span of life, we all strive for the happy hours and best moments. Therefore, on a travel journey, you get to know many new friends, places, languages, attires, cultures, etc., and lifelong cherishing memories can be carved.
And no rays of doubt, while you are in a trek you can freeze the moment as per your wish.

Hiking up the hill, breathing in the thin air, pushing our limits further, and getting captured at the same time add extra flavors to Life, and hence the golden memories on Earth.

So how much are you excited to accumulate the memories for a lifetime?

6) To broaden our perspective

To travel is to live, to see, to perceive, and to apply. Traveling – Hiking and trekking are the best teachers. Nevertheless, we do not attend regular classes, these are master classes to broaden our perspective.

Trekking might help us to see the world from a high altitude. Who knows? Maybe, the greatest insights in life are achieved amid the mountains. It strengthens our perceiving angle, and we start to think more astonishingly.

7) To enlighten spiritually

Well known that travel helps us in the pursuit of knowledge, perception, and deep understanding of other cultures. But travel goes much deeper- it directly enters our horizon of spirituality and makes it wider.

We ask ourselves a set of questions while traveling. It is because travel makes us think outside of our comfort zone, and daily expenses and ask why are we here and what is our purpose. It might seem a bit fancy, but, in an honest tone, trekking really can be a spiritual, philosophical experience, especially when you leave for our Kailash Mansarovar Tour.

8) To set our new limits

Trekking is not just about making intimacy with giant hills and narrow trails. It is also about challenging ourselves so that we can set new limits further. A legion of trekkers, novices, or experts, enjoy the hurdle that a trek presents to them. Furthermore, trekking can be a great rewarding walk, but to reap the winnings you have to put in hard efforts. It can challenge a person on many different levels and in many different facets (like physically, mentally, spiritually, and even financially). Hence setting the goal before leaving on a trek is considered an important decision.

9) To relish in the beauty of Mother Nature

Simply, a trekking adventure can take us to places we’ve only dreamed of as well as heard of. Most of the world’s untainted treasures can only be accessed through the long journey that is secluded from the high-density tourist attractions and hot spots. Hence, to soak in the beautiful nature, we should trek. Rara National Park in Nepal is more renowned as Heaven you can book a trip with us to relish the bank of tranquil Rara.

10) To create awareness

Lately, there a trend to run marathons and participate in trekathons so that people can be involved in such activities to raise awareness on several issues. Several activists have climbed mountains and peaks to create awareness about climate change, global warming, and pollution while some climb to spread good words.

Reasons why you will love trekking in Tibet

mount kailash
Mount Kailash (Tibet) – 6,638 m (21,778 ft).


Like Nepal, Tibet is also a holy place that is full of miracles and surreal landscapes. Some people confess that Tibet is a paradise on Earth for tourists, where one can not only capture fantastic photos but also get to explore Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries, even Everest Base Camp Trek. However, Tibet has much more to offer to its visitors. Here are our top five reasons to visit Tibet.

1) Tibet’s surreal landscapes

Tibet’s exceptional landscape is like no other place on Earth: rugged, remote, and incredible. The vast Tibetan plateau placed against the snowcladded peaks of the world’s highest mountains will push any soul in awe.

It is common that, Tibet is often termed as the ‘roof of the entire world’. As the majority of Tibet perches at an altitude of 4500m above sea level, it is called the ceiling of the world.

Book your Tibet trip with us. We wish you clear weather so that you can capture the views of Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and countless other peaks stretching into the horizon with your naked eyes and gadgets.

Tibet, being the superb trekking destination in the world is comprised of beautiful landscapes and Himalayas. The views are one of the greatest reasons to explore Tibet. As we trek the higher through winding trails that are bedecked with Buddhist prayer flags we will feel immensely inspired by this ancient land.

2) Tibetan Locals and their Culture

Tibetans are intensely religious people. Their devotion to Peace i.e. Buddhism can be traced back to the initial days of Buddhism’s introduction into Tibet, more than a decade ago. The radical influence of Buddhism on the Tibetan people is a day’s highlight.

Besides, Buddha, the preacher of peace, Tibetan people have keen faith in the Mountains. All over Tibet, we can readily spot pilgrims spinning prayer wheels and circumambulating around temples, monasteries, and mountains.

Despite the grandeur of the scenery, the most cherishing experiences of Tibet are likely to come from locals’ tales. Be it the yak-butter tea offered to you by a monk in a monastery in a far-flung village or a spontaneous gathering with a herding family on the bank of a remote lake, you are bound to bid farewell to Tibet with thoroughgoing insights and appreciation into their unique yet interesting cultural identity.

3) Unique Festivals of Tibet

Over 100 festivals in Tibet are observed throughout the year. Experiencing a festival in Tibet is a life-affirming way to get an insight into Tibetan Buddhism.

One of Tibet’s most celebrated festivals is the Saga Dawa festival which is held at Mount Kailash – The sacred place of the Universe.

During the Saga Dawa Festival, legions of pilgrims throughout Tibet pay homage to Mount Kailash. Do you know more about Mt. Kailash? It is the sacred mountain that has been regarded by Hindus and Buddhists as the Mythical Mount Meru, the cosmic center of the universe from which all life flows for long.

Visitors will gather and pay homage to the mountain by participating in a Kora, or clockwise circumambulation of the base of the mountain. The trek lasts for a week and crosses a 5800m high pass.

4) The enchanting Monasteries

As we talked about earlier, ancient monasteries were built throughout Tibet and were the most significant social foundations of historical Tibet. With religion being extremely significant to Tibetans, Chortens are centers for learning where monks and nuns are responsible to preserve and spread Buddha’s words.

Besides, there are many monasteries and temples in Tibet that extend a warm welcome to visitors and even in the countryside, and they will often host travelers at night. Remember this! Paying a visit to a monastery in Tibet is not only a religious deed but also a fascinating way to get an insight into the religion that has deeply molded the shape of Tibet today.

5) Friendship Highway

One of the most important highlights of Tibet Travel is the Friendship Highway. The voyage on the Friendship Highway is an epic drive over 850km from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Trust us, it is one of the most spectacular tracks in the world.

So when you are leaving for Tibet? Book your exciting trips with us.