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Nepali New Year

  • 2018-03-23
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Nepali New Year generally occurs between April 11th – 15th. The year in Nepal starts on Baisakh, Baisakh is the first month of Bikram Sambat Calendar. Bikram Sambat is the approved calendar of Nepal.

Nepal has more than 60 cultural groups with their own unique culture and most of them have their own language. Also we can say that Nepal is a live example of unity in diversity. People of different cast and culture live in Nepal. So, Nepal celebrates nine different new years in different times of year. We celebrate each of them with same passion and eagerness. However, Baishakh 1st is observed as national New Year, the country’s official calendar year starts this day.

Beginning of Nepalese New Year dates back to the era of sovereigns. Nepali New Year is the established by emperor Vikramaditya. So, New Year belongs to the history of Bikram Sambat. Nepalese New Year uses lunar months and solar sidereal year.

People plan picnic, tour and travel in the occasion of New Year. Mainly people use to spend New Year with Friends and family… Parks across the country are full of people with celebration. People make new resolution this day. Students plan their study timetable for the year. People exchange gifts and greeting cards. New Year day is a public holiday in Nepal.

No matter wherever you are, let’s join hands to promote Nepalese tourism all around the world and also to promote the natural beauty of Nepal. Let’s make the new resolution on the occasion of this Nepali New Year 2075.

Leaf Holidays Treks and Expeditions wishes you a Happy New Year 2075!!
नव बर्ष २०७५ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना!!