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Hiking In Bandipur

  • 2018-01-25
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Hiking in Bandipur is the finest hiking target for tourists in Nepal. Bandipur is also very famous as Newari village. Bandipur is the existing gallery of Newari culture. Mostly the buildings in Bandipur are old-fashioned Newari houses, with fixed wooden windows, and pendulous pan roofs.

Bandipur remains a very great living community, as you stroll around the contracted streets, you will see agriculturalists nurturing market gardens, and women carrying baskets of freshly cut food. Goats, buffalos, and chickens roam around as if they owned the place. The parade ground, when this place was a professional route between India and Tibet, was the setting for trade carnivals and archery contests. If you are desperate to feel the freshness of Bandipur join Leaf Holidays Treks and Expedition and even grasp the experience of Hiking in Bandipur and feel the Adventure.

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