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Democracy Day

  • 2018-02-18
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Democracy Day – “Rashtriya Prajatantra Diwas” is celebrated every year on Falgun 7th. It is a public holiday in Nepal. This day is celebrated in Nepal to memorialize the day when Nepalese were unconfined from the commands of 104-year-long Rana dictatorship on February 18, 1951.

The People of Nepal practiced a life full of dreams while under the ruling power of the Ranas. The Ranas had taken away a lot of opportunities away from the people while the members of their family were relishing the luxury and profusion that they had from the highest office. Irregularities such as corruption, discernment and ferocious behaviors have ruled the country during this period of Nepali history.

Nepal’s peace-loving demonstrations have been foundational the track for supportable peace and ending the despotic monarchy within the nation. The historic 19-day-lengthy peoples’ strike that initiated on April 6, 2006, has obliged King Gyanendra to extract from his character as a complete monarchy. The influential restoration of the June 2002 melted parliament and assignment of government powers, finished, to a point, the King’s unlawful and demanding regime. However, the scuffle goes on to addition unqualified democracy and eradicate the residue autocratic basics within the government and for the duration of the nation, even as King Gyanendra continues to protect his February 1st, 2005 tyrannical move and position the Shah Dynasty because the customer of the country, carnages continue to be applied by means of the safety forces, and human rights abuses and the usage of excessive drive towards peaceable demonstrators goes on. The regal tackle that restored parliament entirely disregards the person’s aspirations and the minimal demand of the Seven Political celebration Alliance (SPA) that comprise the announcement of an unconditional constituent assembly election and maintainable peace.

The newest and extreme demonstrations that headed to the present political difficulty were generated from specialists, workers, peasants, women, more than a few religious and ethnic companies, and so on; almost always traditional Nepalese got here out in multitudes to protest the King and ensure that they have got a democratic and free future. Hundreds of countless numbers of typical humans have joined in peaceful demonstrations towards the King’s authoritarian regime and now to foyer the SPA to be certain their position in choosing the future political process of the nation. The agreement of ending the King’s authoritarian regime through peaceful action was made up our minds after continuous dialogue between the SPA and the CPN-Maoists as put forth within the 12-point figuring out. The working out presents opportunities to deliver the Maoists into mainstream politics and lays out their dedication to a multiparty procedure, human rights, rule of legislation, press freedom, etc.

The day is observed all through the country with a number of special programs. Each year a special program with military parade is shown by the Nepal Army at Tundikhel. A number of luminaries like the President (the King, before the monarchy was obliterated), Prime Minister, Speaker of the House attend the function. The people also rejoice this day offering prayers to give respect and honor to the heroes of Democracy. Most government organizations and independent groups hold several activities and rallies all over the country as well. Part of the tradition also is that the people light their home and formations with lights and hold fireworks exhibitions during the night of the celebration.