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Day Tour To Garden of Dreams

  • 2018-01-11
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Neo traditional ancient garden “The Garden of Dreams” is positioned in the center of Kathmandu City, Nepal. The Garden was famous as the Garden of Six Seasons which was formed by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana in early 1920. After the garden was completed, it was considered one of the most elegant private gardens of that time.

Though, it was a private garden of Kaiser Sumsher, it was stunningly deliberated and encouraged by the renowned Edwardian style. Kishore Narshingh, a protruding architect who designed and constructed Singha Durbar in 1907, designed and supervised the construction of the Garden of Dreams. Within the Garden walls, Kaiser Sumsher created a gorgeous collaboration of pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture, and European-enthused topographies such as verandas, arches, balustrades, vases, and birdhouses.

He created six striking pavilions, each devoted to one of the six seasons of Nepal. These pavilions provided the Garden’s architectural outline and lent a multicultural savor to the official preparation of flowers, bushes, and trees. Today, only half of the innovative gardens are in existence. Even with some injury from the 2015 earthquake, the charmingly reestablished Swapna Bagaicha, or Garden of Dreams leftovers one of the most peaceful and striking territories in Kathmandu. If you want to explore the beauty of the garden of dreams join Leaf Holidays Treks and Expedition you are always welcome to join us!!!