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  • 2019-06-21
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The Mount Kailash is believed to be the ultimate destination of souls and the spiritual center of the world. The era mature trail around Mount Kailash is one of the world’s great pilgrimage routes and entirely surround Asia’s holiest mountain. Mount Kailash Kora is the test of both the mind and the spirit.


It is really worthy to take Mount Kailash Kora, even you are not pilgrim. Besides Mount Kailash, there are other highlights for tourists and pilgrims, such as Lake Manasarovar and Guge Kingdom. Mainly at evening, the striking panorama is very mesmerizing. When you pass the trails used by pilgrims though thousands of years, you may feel you are wondering in a long history and when you complete the kora and your heart will be full of pleasure and satisfaction.


There are two routes for the Mount Kailash Kora- Outer Kora and Inner Kora. The Outer Kora is about 56 Km. Some local Tibetans walk so fast that they can complete one single circle within one day. On the trekking way, you may meet Bon pilgrims circling the route counter clockwise. The inner kora is a path leading directly into the south face of Mount Kailash. Except two small monasteries, no human live along the inner kailash region.


The Kailash Kora is becoming more and more popular. A dirt road now surrounds two-thirds of the Kora, but traffic is light and it’s moderately easy to evade.For a religious adventure seeker this trips offer the rough beauty of the vast Tibetan Plateau, solitude and a sense of accomplishment, and for the devout pilgrim a visit to the Manasarovar Lake and Mount Kailash will be the ultimate comprehension of their spiritual recreation.