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Everest Base Camp

  • 2018-01-25
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“Travel extends the mind, and raises the spirits”

Follow in the footpaths of folklores journey to an iconic mark of dare and escapade. At 29,035 feet, Everest ascends high in contradiction of a framework of massive blue sky. Our proficient staffs have ringed in every detail of the expedition; providing insider standpoints and sympathetic tips through the journey. The definitive Everest Base Camp journey instigates and ends in Kathmandu. Nuzzled between mountains and steppes, the city is alive with energy. Explore villages sprinkled with trembling prayer flags and become familiar with colorful Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Devote numerous days hiking to surrounding villages, discerning remote reclusive caves and adapting the body to the elevation. See the legendary Khumbu Ice Fall and its towering seracs from a distance.

Trip highlights:

Achieve a true container list item: trek to base camp at Mount Everest
See spectacular Himalaya visions, including Khumbu Ice Fall, Makalu and more
Follow homegrown guides with 25 years of involvement on a fully-supported trek
Discover UNESCO World Heritage sites and absorb Buddhist and Hindu ethnicity